About Us

Our mission: To “Date” everyone in the Country!!!

Our family owned farm located in Wellton, AZ. was established in 2007.  While most medjool date gardens are located in the fertile Colorado River basin it was a bit of a risk to plant outside of the local date farming grounds, but these lands have proved to be just as productive as the rest, delivering the highest quality Organic Medjool Dates.

We currently have over 3,500 date palms planted.  These palms are in their early years of production, but are beginning to produce an abundant amount of dates.

We employ organic and sustainable farming practices. Our sorting and packing methods are unique in the fact that we still use a slow moving belt so dates are hand graded carefully according to size, color, and moisture. We have a passion for bringing this wonderfully healthy food to everyone we encounter.

Naked Dates | The Original Superfood!